Limitation of Liability

Limitation of Liability

The authority issuing the documents will make the decision in relation to the submitted application. Likewise, the authority may reject any application with or without a reason given. Our company does not issue visas or travel documents and, consequently, we cannot guarantee these will be obtained.

Our company will carry out the necessary procedures to obtain your visa or other documentation, always completed under the instructions given by the customer on the questionnaires which are filled in and submitted with the application.

Lastly, the customer must bear in mind that the refusal of entry for a person by customs or immigration authorities is possible even when in possession of the appropriate documents, given that they have the last word.

Our company will not be partially or fully responsible for errors, omissions or delays in relation to necessary third parties, such as transport or logistics companies, or for personal delivery to the address of the requested documentation. In the event of any problem or delay, the applicant must settle the dispute directly with the third party, given that our work is to process and send the requested item in so far as we are able to and we never respond for third parties outside our company.